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Mars Unknown Ship

Topics and posts about all non 3D forays into the rift via the iDGi-1 Satellite.
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Mars Unknown Ship

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http://interdimensionalgaming.wikia.com ... ity_-_Pt.3
Next to a... what the hell is that? It's... I think it's a ship? The tail end of one, anyway... that could be a rear engine *static* appears to be quite large, and metallic, though it's mostly buried in the ground and covered in *static* so I can't be certain. *cough* Computer, land us next to that... hatch? Land us next to the thing that looks sort of *static* hatch, and then *static* Curiosity in the back for me. I have to... I have to *cough* take a look.

Could it be a Guardian ship?

It's... well there appears to be a hatch door of some kind here, it's *static* on the surface of the wall, next to the hatch. Those letters *static* that's not the Guardian language! That's... something else. I've never seen anything like this. And they say the Guardian's travel through reflected light, not shi--*cough*

This isn't... this isn't a Guardian ship. *cough*
http://interdimensionalgaming.wikia.com ... ity_-_Pt.4
There's a lot of debate going on over exactly what that ship is. We're not able to get close due to the radiation leaking out of it, and many back on Earth (including the Church) are loudly denouncing it. Right now all we've got is some fuzzy video and my Dad talking about the characters on the side of the ship. They're saying maybe it's just a crashed probe except that doesn't explain the peculiar radiation. Either way the debate will continue until we can get down there.
This takes place in April/May 2042, about a half year before we seize control of Bishop Six.

I wish there was an article of when Curiosity was lost but I'm not seeing one.

Anyway, thoughts?
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