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Bugs super thread

All topics and discussion about the first Consortium game. No bug reports please.
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Bugs super thread

Post by FordGT90Concept »

-If you hit escape while R13/P24 are doing the scan, the mouse can't click the menu options like "continue." I had to continue via pressing the "enter" key ("continue" was already selected by default).

-I've had instances in the past where lights wouldn't come on moving from one room to the next (especially the case with the upper crawlspace). I think I might know why: I observed Pawn 64 moving from one room to another and when the door opened, it was pitch black. If a door ever fails to close or you happen to slip through a door as they're walking through, you can end up in the blackness. Loading a save game usually fixes it or moving around Zenlil enough that they properly trigger can fix it.

-Reported previously: if you go out of Bishop 6's room, turn right, and run to the end of the hallway. There's a display there of the layout of Zenlil. If you highlight the crawlspaces, they're called "crawspaces" instead. They're missing the "l."

-From Zenlil_2.xml, this line does not have a sound file attached to it:

Code: Select all

							<node type="dialog" id="89_1:2:4">
								<node type="text" timeout="30">
									{ if no_dialogue.time &gt; 30s }
								<node type="character" cmc="true" name="R13" verse="89_1:2:4">
									<node type="speech" textlookup="1749">
										I do not entirely understand your silence, but I will respect it.
-From Zenlil_2.xml, another line that doesn't have a sound file:

Code: Select all

										<node type="character" align="-2" name="Pawn64" verse="30_2:2:4:3">
											<node type="speech" textlookup="1876">
												What the hell, Bishop? Say something or we are done here.
-From this thread, these two lines have the wrong sound file attached:

Code: Select all

                                                <character name="MercKiril" verse="144_2:2:1:2:3">
                                                    <speech textlookup="3523">
                                                        &lt;snort&gt; Some believe you are artificial, or a part of an alien race, the Guardian race even. There is also a Newswire blog about how all Bishops are time travelers. Children's tales... but mind control I can believe. You put the power of your King, together with your M.U.V.I. implant, then your C.M.C.... and what do you get?
                                                    <dialog id="144_2:2:1:2:3:1">
                                                        <text textlookup="3524">
                                                            You tell me... what do I get?
                                                        <character align="-1" name="MercKiril" verse="144_2:2:1:2:3:1">
                                                            <speech textlookup="3527">
                                                                &lt;scoff&gt; Do not play ignorant with me. It all equates to a powerful mind control tool, the C.M.C. already reads the mind... and the K-1 network is almost untraceable. The perfect crime for the perfect machine. 
-This thread points out three goto bugs in the ISS. It's too lengthy to copy here.

-If you go into the barracks before jumping, I think Pawn 11 always talks about blaming Pawn 64 ("background chatter"). I think that if it should legitimately trigger, it actually triggers twice.
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