Early Access ALPHA v1.11.1 bugs and comments

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Early Access ALPHA v1.11.1 bugs and comments

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Early Access ALPHA 1.11.1

Stealth gameplay improved and completely rebalanced. Playing The Tower as a stealth/exploration game should now be far more entertaining than before. Improved soundscapes, polished levels, fixed Shotgun, major bug fixes.


[Fix] A nasty long-standing major bug where Squad Leaders could be found completely invisible and broken is FIXED.
[Fix] Another long-standing bug where most of the NPC to NPC conversations could never actually be heard by players is FIXED. This means sneaking gameplay just got a whole lot more interesting, many conversations that can be heard add quite a bit to the narrative...


[Update] All Norwegian mercs now have subtitles, and eleven conversations can now be heard between Norwegians.
[Update] Upped the range from the player at which NPCs may begin to carry on conversations with each other - now at 2000 units.

[Update] Vidal Desertch (iDGi-1 Inventor and principal operator) discovered some details on the Tower rooftop that we’ve missed until now. Specifically, details centering around the Churchill Tower Hotel Park. These details are now correctly included - he believes there is still more to be found in and around this area that was missed by earlier iDGi-1 scanning efforts. Developing…
[Update] Major “Odin Lair” area Hotel Lobby level design and art polish.
[Update] Minor automap improvements: Save spheres stand out more now. More elevator door labels to hopefully aid in Tower navigation. (Note: Automap still has a long way to go before we can call it done. Feedback for this is still being sought!)
[Update] Improved ammo cache in upper hotel rooms.
[Update] Improved AI positioning in hallway entering Upper Hotel Rooms from the Park.

[Update] Based on recent player rooftop combat related feedback, rebalanced rooftop mercs: A.I. stamina damage incurred from wounds, stamina recovery curve and A.I. confidence levels have all drastically changed. Stamina loss occurs more frequently now - more mercs will drop unconscious and/or surrender now, if severely hurt.
[Update] Upped Kinetic Assault Rifle’s starting accuracy.
[Update] Shotgun deeply improved - can now shoot many times before needing to vent heat, but will incur heat damage if shot while too hot.
[Update] Mercs on roof now have fewer shields

[Update] A.I Stealth gameplay completely re-balanced based on player feedback over the past year or so. Meters fill up a little slower now and acoustics and acoustics upgrades have all received a big consistency pass.

[Update] New ambient soundscapes for WaterHub, Hotel Lobby and TT Core.
[Update] Virtual sounds re-tuned - loud things will be heard by A.I further now. Bullet fire , bullet impacts, explosions are all heard further by the A.I, now. Weapon switching sound lowered to be the same level of sound as footsteps.

[Update] Added support for NVidia Ansel
[Update] Changed default crouch key to be C. Changed default "comm" to bring up Convo Manager to be Left Ctrl.
[Update] Lowered max possible starting agitation for rooftop squad.
[Update] Removed a bunch of turrets from roof for various reasons.
[Update] Electric water damage boosted slightly.
[Update] Fan damage boosted slightly.
[Update] Boosted util energy use upgrades for Stealth Node.
[Update] Public Opinion - lose 10 if Odin becomes enemy, and lose 20 if weapons are given to Elon (note: this will become more refined later).
[Update] All recyclables in the entire world now have a higher Utility Energy yield, especially the higher end ones.

[Fix] Fixed issue where the “?” would pop up on AI, implying they are seeing the player, but the “?” meter was not filling. The meter and actual sensing distance are now in sync, set to 5000 units. AI previously could “see” 6000 units away but with a broken “?” meter, resulting in much player confusion.
[Fix] Fixed broken nav mesh that broke the A.I soldier at the very top of the largest tower.
[Fix] Fixed issue where Surrogate would not show up if players went straight to WaterHub meeting place and skipped S.O.S scene entirely.
[Fix].Fixed erroneous ceiling in elevators that caused player collision havoc.
[Fix] Fixed issue where the two CMC variations based on squad agitation level when spotted was only choosing one, due to enum conversion error.
[Fix] Fixed AutoLoadGame key binding which (oddly…) had a shift modifier before...
[Fix] Fixed "banging physics" objects heard when entering Upper Hotel Rooms from Park.
[Fix] Removed all VR plugins which was the cause of people’s VR hardware thinking The Tower was a VR game.

Early Access ALPHA 1.11.1

Hot-fixes to address big issues found from testing 1.11. Mostly due to the “new” NPC conversations. If you run into any issues with NPC convos at all, please reach out and let us know. Thank-you.

[Fix] Broken lighting in Odin’s lair fixed.
[Fix] Moved two convo patrol node pairs on the roof further apart. Fixes issue where those two convos could easily be triggered simultaneously, with both playing over each other. Added benefit of changing up the paths of one of the soldiers, so that he now walks up to the top more, adding more dynamic randomness to the patrol routes.

[Update] Removed ledges in Lobby that were in direct line of sight with a laser turret AND were above the two convo guys, but JUST out of the range.
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