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Consortium: The Tower Alpha v1.4 rev 4737 bugs

Post by Berathraben »

I have some potential bugs to report.

They are in the area near where Elon is.

They are all weird collisions in the doorways. The first is getting stuck while trying to exit the elevator at the top of the tower. When I was able to get out it was accompanied by the sound made when the sliding doors open.

The second was trying to get through an open archway. I was getting stuck in the same manor as the elevator opening. I believe it was the archway to the covered walk way on the other side to that of the elevator. It also made the same door opening sound.

The third bug is when I went back to the elevator from that archway the elevator door was closed and would not open again. When I move close to the door E: enter none? is displayed in writing. Both of these bugs are in the next video.

The next bug is not really a different one to the first two. It just happens in a different arch way but I can run through it with out hitting the wall....there is just some resistance and the door opening sound.

it is in the video below.

Also, for some reason I can now recycle items just by scrolling the over them. I dont need to hit E or R any more. This may be intentional but I thought It worth mentioning.