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Console Commands for Consortium: The Tower

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Console Commands (The Tower 1.3)
Note: If you have an idea for a console command, or would prefer another spelling for a console command, let Ian know. Note that some console commands currently do not support arguments, and that a complex command could take up a large amount of time to establish.

Custom Event Commands
How to activate custom event console commands:
Start a game.
While in-game, in the Master level, press tilde. (~)
On the command line type “ce ” and then the name of the command. Note the space after CE. Several commands should show up as suggested commands. You can also use the arrow keys to scroll through your console command history. Things with the “CEv:” as a prefix is NOT a console command, and will do weird things if you activate it.
Once the command has been typed, press enter, and the command will execute. Many console commands can be entered again to turn off their functionality.
Repairs the player’s equipment, gives the player infinite health, massive energy recharge, and all keys and weapons.

God (alternatives: TGM, Godmode)
Prevents all damage the player may incur.

Buddha (alternatives: TBM, Buddhamode)
Sets ‘buddha’ mode active. When active the player’s health is reset to 100 every frame. They player can take damage and theoretically still die if they take over 100 damage in a single frame (never seen it happen, but hey), and they can continue to take equipment damage.

ToggleMenus (alternatives: TM, THUD, TUI)
Toggles many UI elements off. Best used for taking screenshots. Will produce really nasty results when used in some scripted sequences such as the jail scene or C3800 event (such as potentially permanently turning the menus off for your save file).

InfiniteEnergy (alternatives: TIE, IE)
Gives the player a massive energy recharge every second. Effectively infinite energy.

RepairAll (alternatives: RepairEquipment)
Repairs all the equipment in the player’s inventory.

GiveItem [TransponderColor, AllGuns, StealthNode]
Gives the player an item such as a colored transponder key, of the color you inputted into [Color]. Supported colors include Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Black.

Performs a convert transfer on the player, loading out the current levels, and loading in only the required levels for the goal location. There are a number of VERY SPECIFIC goal locations. Use the auto-complete to help you find a location applicable to you.
Because the process loads in a new level, this can take some time. The loading messages in the iDGi-1 bar can notify you of the progress, but for large levels, this loading can take up to a minute. Do note however that you could spawn in a dark area, so use of the flashlight is recommended.

NoCollision (alternatives: TCL, NoClip)
Toggles the state of the player’s collision enabled bool on their capsule. Will prevent new collision events from occurring, which may appear quite buggy. Useful with the freefall suit and flying through walls however.

StopMusic (alternatives: EndMusic, SM)
Instantly fades out all current music tracks.

StopDialogue (alternatives: ShutUp , STFU)
Instantly terminates all cued ISS’s. Use with extreme caution. For testing only.

Zeros your public opinion and causes the X01 events to immediately occur. For testing.

Force_X-01 (alternatives: Force_XO-1, Force_X0-1)
Zeros your public opinion and switches the flags for Bishop Six to be considered X-01. For testing.

Kills all soldiers with a squad in a massive radius around the player. Kills are attributed to the player. Use with caution. For testing.

Kills all NPCs in a massive radius around the player. Kills are attributed to the player. Use with caution, use this console command in Quantum Limbo to seriously mess up your game. For testing.

Makes Elon think you’ve turned in all the goods for the mission s38. Use with extreme caution. Only for testing.

Makes Elon think you’ve turned in all the goods for the mission s38, and flips many switches to simulate you placed a sabotaged assault blaster in the chest. Use with extreme caution. Only for testing.

Flips all the switches that simulate the sabotaged assault blaster on the roof having gone off. Use with extreme caution. Only for testing.

Starts the mission sPrebenPower, which can be obtained normally by talking to Preben. Only for testing.

FindUpsilon, FindPsiMaster, FindOmega, FindSquadLeaderC
Returns if the actor exists and can be found via the proper function. Only for testing.

Hard Coded commands:
AI Commands
Enabling this (setting to 1), Show the lookat targets of an AI (useful for seeing what an AI sees and can notice, enemies or friends)

Enabling this (setting to 1), Can NextBot based AIs see the player?

Enabling this (setting to 1), On by default, allows disabling of the AIs peripheral vision checks

Enabling this (setting to 1) , sets all AIs to dormant. Can be useful for temporarily disabling AIs in the level, or testing the AI dormancy system. Note that this will also hide the AIs.

Enabling this (setting to 1), prints out debug information about AI dormancy

Enabling this (setting to 1), will show squad group areas, defined by the bounding box encompassing all AI nodes of that group.

Enabling this (setting to 1), will show a lot of extra information about the NextBot internal events system
General Commands
Enabling this (setting to 1), will print out a lot of debug information about ISSs to the Output Log. Note this setting will also print all ISS global changes to the screen.

Enabling this (setting to 1), will print out a lot of debug information about damage propagation in the player and any other CombatCharacter based actors.

Enabling this (setting to 1), will show spheres where virtual noise is being emitted

Enabling this (setting to 1), will print out whatever the player is currently looking at, whatever the world context trace hits

A value defaulted at 1.0, the current time dilation of the world

Defaulted to 1.0, will speed up the in-game clock (the one the player sees representing the world time). Can be useful for debugging events which happen at certain times.

Enabling this (setting to 1), enables god mode on the player.

Enabling this (setting to 1), Shows all bullet trajectory check traces.

All ISS global changes will get printed to the screen.
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