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EA Alpha v 1.0 feedback

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This thread is for constructive feedback or general thoughts on our game. Please avoid posting about bugs in here, or we might miss them!

Early Access ALPHA 1.0 (Rev #4370)

-This game is far from being completed. We’re a tiny team with zero traditional QA resources, and our game has yet to be subjected to a large number of hardware and software configurations. You might very well find crashes, bugs and immersion breaking issues. We deeply appreciate you diving in regardless, but we just want to warn you!

-We invite you to make posts in the Steam forums and/or the internal iDGi forums, and share your comments, bug reports or anything else you would like to share about your experiences with this build.

-The front-end is currently work in progress. Sections of it aren’t functional yet. But key remapping and graphics / resolution settings should function as you would expect.

-Saving and Loading is still a relatively young feature. There may be discrepancies between the world you remember before saving, and the world you get after loading it. We would love to hear about any and all problems you get from saving and loading.

UPDATES (the following are more for Fig backers who have access to earlier build revision notes…)

[Update] Trimmed down several CMC commentary lines to be less intrusive.
[Update] New shotgun fire sound!
[Update] Credits updated.
[Update] All turrets re-balanced - laser damage lowered, rocket damage increased, bolt and kinetic damage both lowered.
[Update] Level design improvements to HotelTower3. Trap design drastically improved.
[Update] Material fixes in hotel
[Update] Polish to Artifact level.
[Update] Added a surprise to iDGi-1 tunnels...


[Fix] Ending stats screen now properly supports save/load
Fix] Fixes to jail area if you find your way in there but not through surrendering
[Fix] Information console now properly supports save/load. Fixes not being able to close the screen.
[Fix] Save/load issue where loading some saves would crash the game and corrupt the saved game fixed
[Fix] Odin issues where he won’t trigger combat when he should be (hopefully) fixed, dialog playing when it shouldn’t fixed.
[Fix] Subtitle fixes.
[Fix] Elevator related geometry cleaned up
[Fix] Issues with not being able to damage turret armor fixed.
[Fix] Various recycleables in snow of TopExt have their physics properly disabled.
[Fix] Now the screechy metal audio of the tower can be heard in TopExt regardless of the storm intensity, as per suggested by a backer.
[Fix] The player should no longer be able to talk anywhere to a soldier in the Hotel if they have initiated combat with them.
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