Broken quantum limbo at the end (FIX)

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Broken quantum limbo at the end (FIX)

Post by GreatBird »

Due to a driver incompatibility issue with the "Dream Warping", some folks can't see anything when shunted into Quantum Limbo at the end. They see a roughly oval shape.

A future patch will probably remove this, but to fix this when it occurs:

1) Make sure the developer console is enabled from the main menu - options - keyboard/mouse - Allow Developer Console Enabled .
2) Bring up the developer console ( ~).
3) Type "ent_fire idgi1_signal_st disabledreamwarp" (not including quotes). Press Enter.

You should be able to see properly now and look for secrets in the darkness...

Note you may need to do this again.

If you suddenly can't see or see an oval shape again, try the above once again.
Do, or do not. There is no try.

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