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Two reproducible bugs

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 1:19 am
by FordGT90Concept

Apparently I stood in Carla's way as she was supposed to move away from the cockpit at the very beginning of the game. She got stuck there and refuses to move, preventing me from seeing Wade and pretty much preventing progression. I had to load a save prior to this and make sure I didn't get in her way. Fairly important to fix. The AI probably just needs to recheck if the path is clear. I've gotten in her way before and she eventually continues on her merry way. Not here. :(

This one is just bizarre. Load it up, hit one of the dialog choices (I tried F1 and F4), then wait. Besides some doors apparently opening/closing, nothing happens. I think I quick-saved at the exact time to break it. This is the first time I ever experienced this bug so it is very rare/unimportant.

Unrelated note, something (Xbox Live?) prompts when starting the game to press Win+G to open. I never noticed this before. Probably not a bug or anything but...yeah.

Edit: Xbox (came preinstalled on Windows 10) -> Settings -> Game DVR -> Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR -> Off