(Spoilers All) What We Know So Far - Seeker's Guide to the Rift.

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(Spoilers All) What We Know So Far - Seeker's Guide to the Rift.

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The Churchill Tower - a mixture of a bridge, a hotel, an office complex, a fusion reactor, a water treatment facility, and an apex of constant dimensional chaos on the verge of a gray goo epidemic.

We know a little bit about it. Rook 3's daughter, Darcy Linsworth, works at the site. Malcolm Thomas, once a Xalapa-chapter opponent of K-1 and an alternate-dimension psychopath who killed millions, is now a reporter covering the site. Earthquakes and tremors are shaking the building, unrelated to tectonics.

Something weird's going on in the Churchill Tower, and we're here to figure out what. I'll be updating this post with new knowledge as we get databursts and pull info from Consortium 1. Feel free to post below to get new bits added.

Seeker's Guide to The Tower
- The Churchill Tower is the tallest building in London in the game's timeframe.
- The River Thames is cleaned by the Churchill Tower water treatment facility, which offers many routes into the Tower from below.
- A bridge across the River Thames is part of the lower section of the tower, among the offices beneath the fusion reactor.
- The Churchill Tower Power Facility houses a Fusion Reactor, specifically one of the spoke-style ones from the concept art. How can that thing be a bomb? Not sure.

- Two Consortium aircraft, Zenlil and Stormbird, are within reaction distance to the event. Stormbird is an hour out, behind Zenlil. Aether is apparently on the other side of the world - Tiamat and Hesperus are also likely otherwise engaged.

- 'Mysterious Benefactors' are involved with the events at the Tower - and are capable of reactivating your suit if you get DC'd by Knight 15.
- Terrorists lead by Saad Bin Laden, believed to be dead, killed 21 workers at Felixstowe and traveled into the heart of London, getting lost on a police state's massive network of cameras. Something's fishy - and it isn't the fishing boat they arrived on. They're armed with very different-decade tech, implying a possibility of time travel.
- December 21st, the date of the King's highest power level, is approaching.
- David Schelter and Malcolm Thomas - two enigmatic figures from the ARG and Lore, will be present in some capacity during The Tower. We don't know their level of involvement.
- Darcy Linsworth, daughter of Rook 3, is an engineer/scientist/somethingorother at the Fusion Reactor. She is a top priority if only so Southern Accent Man doesn't kill you.

- Bishop 'Archetypes' determine your character's propensity toward Stealth, Combat, or Diplomacy. They consequently determine enemy squads' disposition toward you. Increase their agitation, increase their chance of shooting at you. Other things like firearm pointing or cheeky fuckery will make them pissed, too - and conversely dropping your weapon and not being a dick give you an increased chance of getting to chat.
- New Cloaking hardpoint devices allow you to be completely invisible, allowing for stealth gameplay. Unknown if non-cloaked stealth is possible.
- 'Unauthorized' hardpoint devices like the missile swarm are in the game. Hopefully there's a boss battle worth using the Nikita on, Snake. Naturally, these agitate the K and Alannah.
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Re: (Spoilers All) What We Know So Far - Seeker's Guide to the Rift.

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We know that the Guardian Church put out a video showing the Churchill Tower (Thanks to Malcolm Thomas slipping it to us through Henry and the ARG V2).

It's definitely recent because it shows a recent image of the Churchill tower, but it's ALSO a propaganda piece involving Henry... And I have NEVER trusted the Guardian Church anyway...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT9bVyX ... e=youtu.be

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