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I know relationships will continue in the second game but I am wondering if there will be any love relationship options? and will they be non gender specific (like the bishop could get with a male or female depending on what the player wants of course), Also wondering if you have too much of a negative relationship with someone if that could impact how the other characters treat you (like you get on someones bad side and they spread to other people not to do certain things for you)
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Re: Relationships

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Hi there,

Great questions. The "love relationship" question is a common one. No promises, but we'll do our best. The reason it's complicated is largely due to the story of The Tower being about a major geopolitical debacle, and all your friends from Consortium being on Zenlil. Kind of hard to have a romantic encounter when you're on a mission in a futuristic skyscaper and your friends are on a plane circling overhead. ;-)

Will a negative relationship with someone affect how other characters treat you. Well, not really. Everyone has their own personal opinion of you that determines how they interact with you.
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Re: Relationships

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My two cents:

1) We're only talking about December 25 at this point (and maybe a few extra days in The Tower). 24 hours is a very short window for a serious romantic relationship to take hold. In lore, it would come across as a one night stand even though it feels like much more than that to us because of replaying.

2) Think of poor Jenkins. It's his body that experiences any encounter we place upon him. To defy his unknown wishes on such a deeply personal matter strikes me as extremely immoral. It's bad enough that we pilot him into combat/diplomatic situations that he most likely would object to. At least there is a degree of necessity involved with that.
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