Forum not remembering me (FIXED)

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Forum not remembering me (FIXED)

Post by FordGT90Concept »

I'm using IE11 and everytime I log in, I check the box to "Remember Me," I leave, then I come back and I am forgotten. The "Remember Me" feature is still working on other forums (Disqus and XenForo based). There is something wrong with cookies, I suspect.
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Post by orb »

Yes. I see no cookies from the forum saved in the browser, but only "wpmp_switcher" from

The current session id is passed as a parameter in the query string of the URL to keep me logged while I'm still browsing forum, but when I either close all the tabs with the forum or when I remove the 'sid' parameter from the query string I need to log in back again.

Additionally a new key is created at "Manage “Remember Me” login keys" page every time I log in.
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Re: Forum not remembering me

Post by GreatBird »

Fixed! It was a simple cookie config issue we forgot to do in prepping the forum. :-)
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