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EA Alpha 1.6 bugs, comments, suggestions!

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:36 pm
by Harlock
Because I was told I could do this and there's an entire rar file worth of geometry mess.!xyAHUYqZ!mvfA9zx2U40O ... XXImyP5LYU

and some in hotel rooms ... 5644_1.jpg

Switches that I have no idea at all what they do. ... 1728_1.jpg ... 1735_1.jpg
Big tunnel that you get to going down from the tower 2 entrance or having been through bathtub and maze. ... 1811_1.jpg ... 1816_1.jpg
Entrance is going from tower 2, or end of maze from bath.

inescapable area ... 2055_1.jpg ... 2102_1.jpg

More comments about water stuff. ... 3706_1.jpg
still climb up and step through the ceiling. ... 4641_1.jpg
This vent switch is reachable from the switch room (treatment plant?) , or it's missing the one on the other side, leads to frozen elevator where the scene of a red transponder elevator crashing sort of plays despite not being in an elevator. ... 4410_1.jpg
The same room as this, which could this be lowered to make it easier (maybe even possible without fly suit) to climb out of the water.