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EA Alpha v1.0 Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

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Re: EA Alpha v1.0 Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Post by Mykll »

Session 59
"EngineVersion": "4.15.3-0+++UE4+Release-4.15",
"SessionVersion": "Early Access ALPHA 1.0 rev 4355",
"SessionId": "7778E9F74B1C81C54AE8DCB94F3BA492",
universe2 092717 2348.zip
Final save of video.
(2.22 MiB) Downloaded 243 times
Halo soundtrack gives a different feel to the game for me. Please forgive the in game headbanging.


It still feels as if having full energy from game 1 import doesn't really give an edge. Unless energy drains while repairing have been changed. Which it seems it has. Seems as if I should be able to repair the CEAR sooner, and end up with more energy, than before, when I started around 35% energy.

Unable to save with incoming CMC dialog.

The guard with the leg dangling down. Run around the corner and he is down on a lower level.

Making another jelly merc dance.

If you are quick enough you can see a body marked off up top and then vanish.

Same thing here. The marked body up top, vanishes.

This tunnel intersection still confuses me. It feels as though through one vent the air is going away from you, yet I can't go in that direction and get pushed back.

Ford pointed this out to me, I never noticed with how fast things happen. But when you get pushed out of the vent it looks like there is a ledge with a railing here. Is that supposed to stop you from falling below like I did?
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Rook 25 says I need to repair my gear. And yet I have everything set to repair. If they can track my suit during the new intro during the lightning strike, then they should be able to know I am currently repairing my gear, and not tell me to repair my gear. Also, no CC when she says this.

Looks like a little energy overlap, where I have too much energy, and can still recycle light.

CEAR 2 guys. One plays a tumbleweed.

While I am in the middle of arc welding his face I can talk to him and reset his 9 to a 3, and continue to arc weld his face.

More examples of map layer drawing gone wrong.

This ladder really doesn't want me to climb off it.

This is the first time I noticed an unconscious marker way below. No clue how that happened. At no point during the play did I notice anyone fallen off. Also, eventually that unconscious should eventually stand back up. But nope, stays forever a yellow target.

Another view of the marker, still yellow, way below me. And supposedly only 1 merc somewhere. That I cannot find anywhere marked as red to be able to fully clear the top.

Seems weird for this light to be hanging out, only attached to a little corner like this.

Above examples of bodies vanishing with tactical hud on. Here is a body fading in an out without it, depending on distance, angle, who knows.

Another body that goes poof depending. Little harder to see it though.

Save at end, save file attached, will continue this another time.
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Re: EA Alpha v1.0 Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Post by Mykll »

After the Steam patch I decided to load the game and keep it going. Early this morning after midnight. Per the previous video I was on Session 59. At the end of this morning's play I did not have a Session 60. And yet the game seemingly, eventually, loaded the saved, played for an hour, and quit without it crashing. I should have a new Session correct?

The goal of continuing was just to explore and try to fill out the map and try to find any hidden areas. Which I really failed.
universe2 092917 0144.zip
Final save of video.
(3.36 MiB) Downloaded 246 times

Too many notes, won't fit in YouTube description.

First thing I do is to load the last save. Look carefully, and I click on the first ( in the (2 Logs). And it depresses like there is a button. Get the list of red errors, and a weird end game Universe Log. Was able to close that.

From the main menu I try to load it again. This time I clicked on the word Universe and it loaded things properly. I didn't quite notice there was a difference on where you clicked until Ford pointed that out.

During the load, every single time I get the annoying beep (annoying as in everything is silent, then suddenly BEEP) and still get the (###) INTERACTION messages in the middle.

I notice right off that I am unable to pull down the big list of Alignments.

Before leaving the Save Zone from loading, can look down and see the mercs appearing to stand up. They will collapse after getting in visual range.

I notice a couple of times in this play, that once at the top of the ladder, it seems to not want to let me walk off it, but instead jump up off it and grab the bar above it.

I think I have noticed that there are some ledges that show up on the map, and some that do not. Maybe this specific type of ledges just simply do not? Should they?

First time (and in fact I think this play through once inside) is I think the first time I noticed weapons mainly underneath all the turrets. This one, however, I could loot. It says Strommon Assault Rifle, but it has a blank inventory icon. When right clicking on it the square icon is blank, the info text is different, and even the Upgrade tab is different (Accuracy Factor), than a normal rifle. When I drag it, nothing is attached to the mouse. Also when I drag it to my hand nothing is shown in my hand slot in the inventory, not even the orange empty square. But outside of inventory the gun is pulled out.

The top of this spiral isn't filled out on the map. Should it be?

I eventually start to get a disconnect action, I guess for going too far. Is that the invisible wall of sorts here? I should not be able to walk around up here past a point?

I already destroyed this turret during the first part of this run, before loading. Here the turret is sticking out of the ground, look undamaged, but when zooming in it does say damaged turret.

Here is an example of a ledge showing up on the map. Where some ledges like the above example do not. If ALL ledges should be showing up on the map, then those can be individually pointed out in future runs.

At no point before loading did I incapacitate a guard in this exact spot.

Ledge doesn't show on map.

The way it places you on the map in this corner can be a little confusing, the way the map layers can be drawn on top of each other.

Another merc that goes in and out of visual sight. But hovering over it with the mouse shows the game knows it is there, it is just not always drawing it at all times.

Public Opinion is 80%. Simply by looking inside Elon's Supply Chest it drops to 68%. Looking again it drops to 58%. And I get the X01 talk, without any CC dialogue. But, after that, the N Alignment option finally shows up after I respond and get an alignment change.

When bringing up the Alignments only Knight 15 and The Voice show up. The big list from the original game 1 import no longer shows up.

Saving game right after leaving elevator before doing anything else, like recycling the Misc Construction Materials near the stand by the door.

First time through door, I recycle the Hard Hat before running back for cover because of turrets.

Died to initial turrets after getting inside. Universe Log. Says I have 4 kills. I don't recall killing anyone. Good thing I saved just inside off the elevator.

Loaded back into game. Remember those Misc Construction Materials I recycled AFTER saving? They no longer show up.

That Hard hat I recycled after saving? No longer shows up here either. Also the one turret I "destroyed" (not really he just hid) starts off as hidden.

Recycling the material crated underneath first doesn't cause those on top to fall.

Hard Hat unable to target.

Ignore all prior comments about no CC. Was not aware there is the option now to turn that on.

Go to loot all the purples. Instead, it recycles the ones labelled 15.

Peeking outside to the left, can quickly make out some weird something glitch, and the body come into view as well, like prior times.

BTW, I have no idea how I got out of the bad health hole I dug myself in. That was very tense, and looking for any table scraps to get any amount of energy, to just repair body damage just an extra percent. Recycling every little bit of spare things I have. And that choking and breaking of the Bishop is just a very nice touch.

Recycle table, the shirt falls through the floor. Tactical hud can't even see it anymore.

After destroying this turret, one of the armour pieces, looks either see through or has a big hole in it. Doesn't batch the same shell looking pieces as the others. Could be an internal component?

Recyclable turret rubble doesn't "glow" in tactical hub.

Turret briefly doesn't know if it wants to pop out or hide.

Recycle table, light stays floating.

Right after that, the turret goes into the floor, leaving its weapon above for me to loot. Then it comes back up and shoots at me. With what weapon?

And some turret at the very end that I didn't see got me.

End Universe Log. Under Ammunition expended, it looks a little awkward to scroll that tiny list there.
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Re: EA Alpha v1.0 Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Post by BlueShiftRecall »

Odin/Elon Bugs? (possible spoilers for players),
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I have attached a screenshot of the vents I can get stuck in where I fall down and can't jump up as the vent fan is pushing down on me and there is no other way out.
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Re: EA Alpha v1.0 Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Post by GreatBird »


Thank-you so much for the bug reports, we're putting these to the top of our list to fix!
BlueShiftRecall wrote:
Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:02 am
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Actually, you ARE supposed to be able to tell him if you so wish. :( So this clearly IS a bug, we're looking into it....
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Re: EA Alpha v1.0 Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Post by GreatBird »

Also, @Mykll - incredible video and bug reports. Thank-you.
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