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Want access to Backer Only forum?

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Want access to Backer Only forum?

Post by GreatBird »

If you wish to be upgraded and gain access to the Backer Only board -- open only to backers of Consortium: The Tower at the "Consortium Initiate" level or higher either via our Fig campaign or our ongoing PayPal campaign -- follow these instructions:

1) Email support@interdimensionalgames.com and write the following in the subject line - "BackerOnlyAccess" (no quotes)

2) Include either the email address you used for Fig OR PayPal

3) Include your username for this Forum, so we can upgrade you!

3) If you backed CONSORTIUM (Game One) on Kickstarter, please gives us your backer # for that campaign, so we can upgrade you appropriately!

We are giving folks access in batches. Please be patient, we'll get to you, I promise! :-)

-Gregory and The Tower team

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