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Bathroom Morse Code

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Re: Bathroom Morse Code

Post by FordGT90Concept » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:32 am

FordGT90Concept wrote:
Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:55 pm
Converted into Boolean (represents 7 seconds with each digit being a tenth of a second):

Code: Select all

soundevent_washroomlight_flicker: 000000000100011010000101100010000100011010000100011000110001100010000   . -. .- . . -. . - - - .   ENAEENETTTE   he ta i he he ta he mu mu mu he
bathroom_light_model:             000000000111101100000110111100000111101100000111101111011110111100000   -. .- -. ----              NAN#          ta he ta ko
bathroom_light:                   000000000111101100000110111100000111101100000111101111011110111100000   -. .- -. ----              NAN#          ta he ta ko
Note: Flicker does not show duration, only the start. Every 1 is when the flicker sound would start.

Edit: NAN = Not A Number

NaN is part of the floating-point number standard (IEEE 754) which signifies if the value is outside of the range the number can hold (too big or too small) or when attempting to convert something that isn't a number to a number (like a word containing no numbers). I believe any event where a float is divided by another float with the value of 0 but an exception not being thrown will also throw NaN.

Edit: The sound event plays 20 times. Visual says "not a number" sound says 21?
Added Wabun code to post #4 (quoted here). Also checked for prosigns and none were found.

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