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Game One Special backer DLC

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Game One Special backer DLC

Post by fanatictentacle »

My dearest developers,

I'm posting this here because it seems that you do not receive my emails. More than 2 weeks ago I sent you an email regard the super special super backer game one DLC. I am elegible for the reward, I have received the mail with a Steam Key. I would like to receive a DRM free version of the DLC as I only own Game One on GOG.com
I was thinking about getting the game on Steam, but I could have done that when you gave the game away for free. So why should I buy the Game now?
So I wrote an email to your support (as you stated on Fig that this is the preferred method for this subject) but never got a reply.

I am hoping that some of you read this.

PS: I would also like to know when you are going to grant "royalty status" to backers which deserve this token? Not that I really care, but it is curious this little and "easy to do" detail not being done.

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Re: Game One Special backer DLC

Post by GreatBird »

Hi there,

Our deepest apologies for our not getting back to you! Shoot me a private message on here and I'll get you sorted with a link to the DRM free special edition.

Also, if you are a super backer, you get all Consortium games for free, remember? So we can hook you up with a free Steam key as well.

Royalty Status and a new private section of this Forum only for Tower backers should be coming before the end of June. Sure it's not technically difficult to accomplish, but it is time consuming. As we said at the end of the Fig campaign, we have "gone dark" for awhile as we are all working hard to get the production engine humming along for our game!

Apologies for somehow missing you - we sent out all the DRM free keys to everyone who asked for them, are you positive our emails didn't end up in your spam folder?
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Re: Game One Special backer DLC

Post by korefuji »

I didn't want to start a new topic for this, as my question is related - do super backers (of which I am one) get the Steam key for the whole game but with Backer DLC added, or is the steam key just for the DLC and I have to be a previous owner of the game? Do I just add the steam key and it wlll recognise my game?

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Re: Game One Special backer DLC

Post by duke9509 »

If you're a super backer, you're entitled to a full copy of C1 if you don't already own one. If you haven't received one, just ask Fig support and they'll send you a code.

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Re: Game One Special backer DLC

Post by skazclaw »

Edit: Never mind. I'll send a message regarding the key.

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