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Possible Chatroom?

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Re: Possible Chatroom?

Post by GreatBird »

I'd love to work a chat room into this forum. We'll investigate that for sure...
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Possible Chatroom?

Post by Fallaner »

I was wondering if it'd be possible to set up a live chatroom on the forum for the sake of just talking with people in it. Would be kinda neat to just be able to talk and do random things. At least to me.

Anyone else interested in such an idea, or just me?

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Re: Possible Chatroom?

Post by Historian »

IRC is pretty easy to set up - I just don't know how to make it permanent. I'd certianly love to have one.

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Re: Possible Chatroom?

Post by FordGT90Concept »

True story: I set up IRC on my server and got so annoyed with how complex the administration of it was that I began writing my own server software. I never finished it because no one really used the IRC server I set up anyway (it was a small community in the first place).

I could probably linger in a chat while I'm doing Wiki edits.
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